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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's birthday with a fun and busy cake/biscuit decorating workshop! I would love to be part of helping to make your child's birthday a memorable one. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page (or message me on Facebook) if you think your child might like this for their next birthday!


Your child's birthday is unique and special. I look forward to personalising the party to your child's interests and likes. There are a range of party options available, with cost indicated, below. I normally host birthday parties on Saturdays, from 10am until 1pm, although we can discuss if you would prefer another day or time.

Option 1

Cake/biscuit decorating and games 


Option 2

Cake/biscuit decorating and a party lunch/tea


Option 3

Cake/biscuit decorating, a party lunch/tea, and a cookie cake for the birthday boy or girl


I am more than happy to make a more elaborate birthday cake for your child. Just let me know in the form below and we can discuss the theme and cost. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to supply your own birthday cake which you can bring along to the party.

Thank you for your enquiry! I look forward to being part of your child's birthday celebrations!

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